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Veröffentlicht am Mi, den 04.05.2016


Deaf Grassroots Movement heading to the state Capitol on Wednesday - WVTM13

In a day and age when communication seems to be getting easier with the increase in modern technology, there are still communication barriers for some citizens. The Deaf Grassroots Movement or DGM wants to break down those communication barriers. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Politik Soziales

Veröffentlicht am Mi, den 06.04.2016


The deaf women in Obama's White House - BBC News

Two women who are deaf have risen to prominent positions alongside Barack Obama in the White House. Leah Katz-Hernandez, 28, is one of the first people visitors encounter when they enter the White House. Informally known as the Receptionist of the ... [...] weiter »


Here's how to say 'Donald Trump' in American Sign Language - Washington Post

Only the most colorful politicians get special names in sign language assigned to them by the deaf community — everyone else's names are finger spelled, one letter at a time. Sign language users have proposed name signs for two of the current ... [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Fr, den 18.03.2016


Parliament gives Maltese sign language official recognition - MaltaToday

Members of the Maltea Deaf Association were present at yesterday’s parliamentary sitting, with parliamentary secretary for persons with disability Justyne Caruana calling the development a “milestone”. The Nationalist party has also expressed its gratification at the approval of the bill. [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Di, den 15.03.2016


Blind, deaf learners sent home amid protests - Citizen

Learners from the Bartimea School for the Deaf and Blind in Thaba Nchu, Free State were transported home by the school on Monday morning following protests. The learners were from as far as Lesotho, North West, Northern Cape and from across the Free ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Bildung Politik

Veröffentlicht am Do, den 10.03.2016


Save schools, deaf community says - London Free Press

Executive director of the Ontario Association of the Deaf, as well as parents of kids who attend so-called demonstration schools — they're funded outside the traditional school board model — will be with London Fanshawe MPP Teresa Armstrong Thursday, ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Schule Politik

Veröffentlicht am Sa, den 27.02.2016


Deaf schools worried about future - Belleville Intelligencer

“When these children go into the regular system they're just going to have someone who took a regular sign language course. If I were you guys I would go to the local public board and find out what they're going to do for your kids before the cuts come. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Bildung Schule Politik

Veröffentlicht am Mi, den 26.08.2015


Sign language bill signed into law - News Transcript

American Sign Language is the fastest-growing language offered at U.S. colleges and the fourth most commonly used language in the country,” said Angelini (R-Monmouth). “This new law will be a significant benefit for more than 850,000 New Jersey residents with some degree of hearing loss.” [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Di, den 25.08.2015


Deaf to politicians: We want to 'hear' too - Trinidad News

Jamal Legen, who proudly described himself as a “deaf/hard of hearing voting citizen of TT”, said while political parties are rolling out their plans to the electorate, the hearing impaired are not being given the opportunity to participate in the ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Politik

Veröffentlicht am Mi, den 22.07.2015

Presse Rwanda: PWDs Request to Have Sign Language Declared Official -

The Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) in partnership with Handicap International and NUDOR want sign language declared an official language for the blind to help deaf people and others with disabilities have a means of communication. [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Mi, den 15.07.2015


Association Of Deaf Protests Over Marginalisation - Leadership Newspapers

They also expressed the need to provide hostels for deaf students, while lamenting the absence of learning and reading materials in their schools. They called for the re-introduction of free West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Bildung Politik Soziales

Veröffentlicht am Di, den 02.12.2014


Deaf complain over inadequate presidential election info - Times of Zambia

THE deaf on the Copperbelt have complained that they do not have adequate information relating to the forthcoming Presidential by-election on January 20, 2015 due to lack of sign language interpretation on ZNBC programmes. Zambia goes to the ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Politik

Veröffentlicht am Fr, den 14.11.2014


2015 - Deaf Manifesto Launched in Abuja -

2015 - Deaf Manifesto Launched in Abuja The manifesto designed by the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Association of the Deaf (NNAD) also has a sub-theme: "Mainstreaming the Deaf Agenda into Political Parties Manifestoes and Government Policies" among others seeks ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Politik Soziales

Veröffentlicht am Mo, den 20.10.2014


Crazy law. 1945 act could bar deaf, blind, mentally ill from entering Jamaica - Jamaica Gleaner

People living with disabilities could find themselves barred from entering Jamaica if immigration officials strictly enforce a 1945 law which lists people who are "deaf and dumb or deaf and blind, or dumb and blind" as prohibited immigrants. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Recht Politik

Veröffentlicht am Sa, den 11.10.2014


Newcastle MPs team up to learn about challenges faced by deaf community - ChronicleLive

Constituents were also able to raise their concerns about the challenges facing deaf people in Newcastle in accessing employment, basic services such as health appointments, and information online when BSL translation is frequently not provided. [...] weiter »

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