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Veröffentlicht am Mo, den 06.06.2016


Film 'One Deaf Community Rochester' Chronicles 140-Year History of RSD - TWC News

A deaf-owned telecommunications company debuted its short film titled "Our Deaf Community Rochester" Saturday evening at the Main Street Armory. The project developed by Convo Communications shot some of the film at the Rochester School for the Deaf. One segment of the film chronicles the 140-year history of RSD through the perspective of students, parents and faculty. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Soziales Medien Geschichte

Veröffentlicht am Mi, den 06.04.2016


Louisiana School for the Deaf Opens Time Capsule From 1939 - ABC News

In the winter of 1939, students and teachers at the Louisiana School for the Deaf buried a time capsule in their building before moving into a new facility. On Monday, in the midst of a renovation, the box was finally opened 77 years later. [...] weiter »

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Veröffentlicht am Fr, den 11.03.2016


Deaf rabbi shares Holocaust history with students - St. Augustine Record

Rabbi Yehoshua Soudakoff took the Kirk Auditorium stage at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind on Feb. 29 for a special presentation, “The Holocaust Through Deaf Eyes.” [...] weiter »

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Veröffentlicht am Sa, den 27.02.2016


Deaf people's fight for rights on film - BBC News

Long lost footage documenting the deaf community's fight for civil rights is being shown in cinemas across the UK. The British Deaf Association (BDA) has compiled footage dating back to the 1930s for Power in our Hands, which covers the battle to have ... [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Fr, den 28.03.2014


Why celebrate Deaf History Month? -

The National Association of the Deaf recognizes March 13-April 15 as Deaf History Month, which is kind of weird. Why start a celebration in the middle of March and end on the 15th of April? The reason is clear. Deaf History Month celebrates three key moments in American History for the Deaf community. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Soziales Kultur Geschichte

Veröffentlicht am Fr, den 03.01.2014


Deafness & Genocide - The Phnom Penh Post

As a deaf person, no one bothered to ask her about her experience during the Khmer Rouge period. Over thirty four years after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime and I did not even know the true story of my sister’s experience under the Khmer Rouge. As I communicated with her about what she endured during the Khmer Rouge regime, it made me wonder how different her experience was as a deaf person and the indescribable spirit and resourcefulness she must have had to survive the Khmer Rouge period. [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Di, den 22.10.2013


Successful Deaf People - BoldSky

A physically challenged person, especially those who are blind or deaf, needs far more efforts and preparations to live in a world of prevailing rules of normal people. But there are truly admirable people who did great things despite of their deafness. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Soziales Geschichte

Veröffentlicht am Sa, den 10.08.2013


Understanding Deafness - The Atlantic

Although he surely thought otherwise, Bell had an ugly relationship with the Deaf community. Though his mother and wife were Deaf, he was intent on wiping out “hereditary deafness.” He removed Deaf faculty from schools, demanded the same schools stop ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Soziales Geschichte

Veröffentlicht am So, den 09.06.2013


A bigger and better deaf museum opens - Warrington Guardian

THE Deaf Museum has officially reopened and this time it is bigger and better than before. Located on Wilson Patten Street, the museum and archives centre wishes to promote and preserve the history of deaf people by showcasing their community, culture ... and more » [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Kultur Geschichte

Veröffentlicht am Di, den 19.03.2013


BSL Recognition Timeline: A Work in Progress

I pulled this BSL recognition timeline together some years ago. If there's anything missing that should be added, please say something and I will add it. 16th Century – ‘Survey of Cornwall’ 1644 – John Bulwer, 'Chirologia' 1878 – International... [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Do, den 28.02.2013


ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’ ASL Episode Recalls Gallaudet Protest

Almost 25 years to the day after the student protest at Gallaudet University began in 1988, ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’ features a storyline about a deaf student uprising in an episode, airing March 4, that’s told almost entirely in American Sign Language. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Medien Geschichte

Veröffentlicht am So, den 24.02.2013


Deaf History Month: A time and tools to explore 150 years of the deaf ... - Twin Cities Daily Planet (blog)

Deaf History Month is like no other national celebration in many ways, including the fact that the month starts on March 13 and ends April 15, those dates being so important to Deaf history that the “deaf community has made an exception to the rule. [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Geschichte

Veröffentlicht am Fr, den 08.02.2013


Gallaudet marks 'Deaf President Now' - Washington Post (blog)

Today it seems routine that a deaf man leads the pioneering university for the deaf and hard of hearing in the nation's capital. But a quarter-century ago at Gallaudet University, that notion was revolutionary. Deaf President Now, a massive student ... [...] weiter »

Kategorien: Geschichte deafhood

Veröffentlicht am Mi, den 06.02.2013


Gallaudet University marks 25th anniversary of 'Deaf President Now' protests - WJLA

When the Board of Trustees selected the only hearing candidate as Gallaudet University's next president 25 years ago, students organized a week of protests, chanting “deaf president now.” “I can remember when we were looking for a deaf president I ... [...] weiter »

Veröffentlicht am Fr, den 18.01.2013


Pupils of Royal School for Deaf visit restored grave of founder - Derby Telegraph

DEAF pupils paid a moving visit to the grave of the founder of their school. Youngsters from the Royal School for the Deaf have spent the last three months cleaning up the final resting place of Dr William Roe. [...] weiter »

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