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Articles posted on Fri, Jul 10, 2015


Grateful Dead's Fare Thee Well Shows a Hit With Deaf Fans Too - Ultimate Classic Rock

According to The Wall Street Journal, three interpreters took turns translating songs’ lyrics into sign language from a podium, reading the words off a tablet, while a 55-inch video screen allowed fans to read the musicians’ lips. One of the interpreters, Molly Wilson, said that the job involved more than fluency in American Sign Language. [...] more »

Categories: Dolmetschen Kultur

'Ignore the opinions that don't matter': Deaf mom speaks out - -

Michelle Lane is a young mom, a deaf woman, and a single parent — all of which are things she has been criticized for in her lifetime. But the 29-year-old vlogger, also known as Nostril_Curl, is taking a stand against the way mothers are judged in a viral video. [...] more »

Categories: Bildung Soziales Erziehung

Articles posted on Thu, Jul 09, 2015


EL AL flight attendant surprises deaf passengers with service in sign lang ... - Ynetnews

At the end of the flight, the athletes wrote her a letter that left her in tears. "For the first time ever, we felt like equals, and received equal and accessible service in sign language, which is the official language of the deaf community," they wrote to her. "Larisa gave us VIP service." [...] more »


Mum designs special hearing aids for deaf children embarrassed by their ... -

"I happened to have some flowery nail stickers lying around at home and gave them to her to decorate her aids and she loved them!" When she found that there were no real products on the market offering children custom-designed hearing aids, Sarah decided to make them herself. She created Lugs, a business dedicated to making children with hearing difficulties love their aids and implants. [...] more »

Categories: Jugend Hörhilfen

Deaf teen sentenced to 2 years' probation for taking bus on joyride - Channel News Asia

SINGAPORE: A 17-year-old teenager, who is deaf and cannot speak, was sentenced to 24 months' probation on Wednesday (Jul 8) for driving a stolen bus while underaged and without insurance. [...] more »

Categories: Recht Jugend

German Attempts to Break Down Barriers for Deaf in N. Korea - ABC News

In a country with zero kindergartens specifically for the deaf, Robert Grund wants to help establish the first — just a small suite of rooms for perhaps a couple dozen kids, in North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, a city of roughly 2.5 million. [...] more »

Categories: Bildung Soziales Erziehung

Duck Hee-Lee – the boy born completely deaf and who Rafael Nadal hails as ... - Daily Mail

His story is a remarkable one, battling up the world rankings despite being unable to hear line calls or the score from the umpire, instead relying on vibrations and hand gestures. He was once described as an inspiration by Rafael Nadal, praised for 'staying on the right path with his strong determination and mental toughness.' [...] more »

Categories: Sport

Gene therapy offers hope to congentially deaf children, say scientists ... - The Independent

Researchers could be within five to ten years away from being able to cure congenital deafness through gene therapy [...] more »

Categories: Wissenschaft

Articles posted on Tue, Jul 07, 2015


Technology breaking down barriers between deaf and hearing communities - Deseret News

"Recent technology advances have been very good to bridge gaps between deaf and hearing people," said Christopher Krentz, an English and ASL professor at the University of Virginia, using video-phone technology to speak. Read more at [...] more »


Deaf Community Outraged Over Beaten Man - LA Canyon News

Following the news of a beating and robbery of a deaf man at a Coffee Bean on June 24, some in the deaf community are voicing their concerns about the attack. Riverside is well known for its inclusivity and positivity towards the deaf community. It is estimated that around 17 percent of Riverside’s total population is deaf or hard-of-hearing (HOH). The city is home to the California School for the Deaf, one of only two institutions in the entire state. [...] more »

Categories: Soziales Kriminalität

Articles posted on Sun, Jul 05, 2015


Ometepe's silent shutterbugs: Photography project gathers scenes by sister ... - Bainbridge Island Review (subscription)

Diaz is just one of a group of deaf children living on Bainbridge’s sister island Ometepe in Nicaragua whose work will be featured in the special upcoming exhibition “Our Silent World,” opening Saturday, July 4 at the senior center in downtown Winslow. [...] more »

Categories: Jugend Freizeit

New online video service gives deaf people better links with Leicestershire Police - Melton Times

New online video service gives deaf people better links with Leicestershire Police Melton Times The innovative service, offered by Leicestershire Police, enables people who can't use the force's 101 telephone line to go online with a webcam where, within seconds, they will come face-to-face with a fully qualified sign language interpreter. [...] more »

Articles posted on Sat, Jul 04, 2015


Deaf, blind Canyon Country veteran guides others who need assistance - Santa Clarita Valley Signal

He's unassuming, quiet-spoken, legally blind and legally deaf. His name is James Hogan, retired U.S. [...] more »

Categories: Taubblindheit

Articles posted on Thu, Jul 02, 2015


Expo staff mistake deaf pensioner for anarchist - The

Deaf and mute pensioner, Giovan Giuseppe Nasti, was visting the fair with Korean friends when he was stopped at the entrance by Expo staff, –who thought he belonged to the Black Bloc anti-capitalism anarchist group because the black and white T-shirt ... [...] more »

Categories: Soziales Kommunikation

Sign language could fill graduation requirement - East Brunswick Sentinel

Parlin Gressitt (left) practices signing with Phoebe Gartside during an American Sign Language program at the Middletown Township Public Library on June 27. Gartside, a senior at Middletown High School South, founded the program along with classmate ... und weitere » [...] more »

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