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Articles posted on Wed, May 04, 2016


Deaf Grassroots Movement heading to the state Capitol on Wednesday - WVTM13

In a day and age when communication seems to be getting easier with the increase in modern technology, there are still communication barriers for some citizens. The Deaf Grassroots Movement or DGM wants to break down those communication barriers. [...] more »

Categories: Politik Soziales

Deaf Aotearoa Hosts World Federation of the Deaf -

Deaf Aotearoa is proud to be hosting the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Board members during New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Week, May 9th - 15th, 2016. [...] more »

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Articles posted on Tue, May 03, 2016


Deaf rebel against 135-year-old education standards - Mission Network News

Educators and advocates have said DiMarco should work on his ability to overcome his hearing impairment rather than depend on sign language. But the majority of the deaf community see DiMarco as a role model because he isn’t afraid to show his deafness. [...] more »

Categories: Medien deafhood

Articles posted on Sun, May 01, 2016


Queen's Park should save schools for deaf children - Toronto Star

The ministry of education's recent undertaking of a consultation process apparently aimed at closing two of the four provincial schools for deaf and hard of hearing students should serve as a warning bell to everyone concerned with equity in education. [...] more »

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Articles posted on Thu, Apr 28, 2016


Meet the chef who's never yelled – 'cause he's deaf - TVNZ

Kristofer Jonsson's hearing impairment is no barrier for the chef, who manages his kitchen with absolute silence [...] more »

Categories: Beruf Kommunikation

Diet time for deaf Dundee cat which devours its food before others can get their paws on it - The Courier

A deaf Dundee cat which wastes no time “wolfing down its food” has reached the finals of a UK-wide pet slimming competition. Entei has been selected to compete against 12 other fat pets from around the UK in the PDSA's Pet Fit Club competition. [...] more »

Categories: Tiere

Articles posted on Wed, Apr 27, 2016


Police personnel get trained in sign language - The Hindu

For 10 days earlier this month, 14 police personnel from stations in the Mylapore district underwent training in sign language. Numbers, important places, modes of transport and relationships were some of the many topics covered in their training ... [...] more »

Articles posted on Tue, Apr 26, 2016


Slaying of 3 deaf women in Haiti highlights vulnerability - Fox News

The women's family and friends suspect they were targeted because they were deaf in a country where experts say a pervasive stigma isolates people with disabilities such as deafness and can spark superstitions leading to horrific cruelty. [...] more »

Categories: Soziales Kriminalität

Sign Language projects receive $1m - (press release)

Disability Issues Minister Nicky Wagner today congratulated 24 successful applicants who received just over $1 million worth of grants from the New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Fund. [...] more »


Deaf fighter aims to stay unbeaten - The Register-Guard

Some athletes try to tune out the noise before a big competition. Aubree Thompson, a mixed-martial arts fighter based in Lincoln City, has never had a choice. Thompson was born with spinal meningitis and lost most of her hearing at 8 months old. That hasn’t stopped her from pursuing a career in MMA and posting a 5-0 record, which she’ll put on the line Saturday night at Midtown Throwdown 8 at the Lane Events Center. [...] more »

Categories: Sport

New sign languages hint at how all languages evolve - Science Magazine

Etedgi, now 68, is one of about 10,000 signers of Israeli Sign Language (ISL), a language that emerged only 80 years ago. Her lean has a precise meaning, signaling that she wants to get in an aside before finishing her tale. [...] more »


Deaf Performer Millicent Simmonds To Co-Star In Todd Haynes' 'Wonderstruck' - Deadline

The 13-year old Simmonds, a deaf actress from Utah, will play Rose, whose half of Wonderstruck will be presented as a silent film in both a nod to movie history and an aesthetic designed to capture her perspective. [...] more »

Categories: Kultur Medien Jugend

The deaf teen born to dance - Newshub

Macy Baez was born to dance. The 15-year-old was also born profoundly deaf. Her crew from Illawarra, Australia, has competed in hip hop champs, and she has her sights set on a career touring as a back-up dancer for the likes of Beyoncé or Janet Jackson. Macy says dancing allows her to speak another language. "Instead of just ... [...] more »

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Articles posted on Thu, Apr 21, 2016


Houston's sign language interpreter steals the show -

During Mayor Sylvester Turner's press conference to address Houston's disastrous flooding on Tuesday there was one person who stood out among the city's officials. But it wasn't a politician, member of an emergency agency, or a press officer. It was the sign language interpreter the city hired. [...] more »

Categories: Dolmetschen

DC's Deaf Film Community Organizes Group for Open Caption Screenings - Washington City Paper (blog)

Washington City Paper (blog) DC's Deaf Film Community Organizes Group for Open Caption Screenings Washington City Paper (blog) The easiest way for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to enjoy movies, he says, is the simplest: subtitles or open caption screenings, as they're called. And while that's technology that's rather simple for both movie theaters and patrons, it's not ... [...] more »

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